About Specialty Life Insurance

Specialty Life Insurance is a nationwide licensed distributor
and broker of personal insurance coverage.

Who We Are

Specialty Life Insurance is a leading provider of specialized simplified and no medical life insurance coverage options. We focus on simple life insurance solutions so we can help as many Canadians as possible obtain the coverage they need for their families.

Through our professional team of advisors and our unique suite of products, we provide the level of service Canadians deserve when it comes to the important decision of protecting the people who matter most.


Our guiding philosophy is to provide real and meaningful insurance protection
to Canadian families through our simplified products.

We understand that family comes first and that protection matters. For this reason, we have made it easier and faster than ever before to provide dependable coverage for you and your loved ones. Through our unique approach, we can extend our insurance products to Canadians from all walks of life and health. If you’ve struggled with applying for and purchasing life insurance in the past, we’re here to make getting insured a much more
simple process than you’ve ever experienced before.

Simple &
Modern Solutions

We’re continuously seeking to innovate when it comes to life insurance coverage. If you’re not changing and adapting to the needs of Canadians, you aren’t providing them with the right solutions
– that is our belief.

In the end, your life and the lives of your loved ones are important; the insurance you rely on to protect them should be as well. The insurance needs of Canadians differ from person to person. We understand this fact and have tailored our coverage options so they offer simple eligibility requirements, reliable benefits, and straightforward applications that can be completed online without ever having
to leave home.

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